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      The site {.Curr.Ip.} is a suite of follow network tools:
    • Current IP (get current IpV4/IpV6 address);
    • Browser Info;
    • Dns lookup (records A, AAAA, NS, MX, TXT, SOA, SRV, CNAME, HINFO);
    • Reverse Dns lookup (record PTR);
    • WhoIs lookup (from Domain Name/IpV4/IpV6 address);
    • GeoLocation lookup (from Domain Name/IpV4/IpV6 address);

    The GeoLocation lookup solves geolocation information (Latitude, Longitude, Country Info, Region/City Info, Time Zone Offset, Time Zone Name) from Domain Name or IpV4/IpV6 address. The GeoLocation lookup solver provides A/AAAA resolve for Domain Name and get result (geolocation information records) for every resolved IpV4/IpV6 address. Result geolocation information records are grouped by IpFrom-IpTo mask. The GeoLocation lookup uses the GoogleMap service (except IE 8) to show result (geolocation information records) (IE 8: the GeoLocation lookup outputs geolocation information records in table view only).

    The site {.Curr.Ip.} supports same browsers, that are supported by jQuery 1.x (except IE 6, IE 7). The GeoLocation Lookup doesn't use the GoogleMap service for IE 8 requests processing.

      Browser requirements:
    • JavaScript should be enabled in a user browser;
    • Ports Scanner requires enabled acceptance of Cookies (as a minimum Session Cookies) in a user browser;

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